Amil Hussain – PGDM Batch 2012-14, Managing Director, Dream International School, Dehradun

Education is not the preparation for life. Education is life itself. And it is true that I have got my life from Jaipuria School of Business. It has given me the platform to enhance my capabilities and thereby I have successfully achieved my aim of becoming the successful entrepreneur.

Aboo Sarim, PGDM 2013-15

"The Masters programme in Business Management at Jaipuria School of Business enabled me to obtain a well-founded education which prepared me for the corporate world".

Arpit Singhal, PGDM 2012-14

It's been a pleasure for being a part of Jaipuria family. Since graduation (BBA) to post graduation (PGDM) been through a lot of practical experiences which now help me in the corporate scenarios.

The transition from a student to an employee in an MNC was not tough as the real time experiences provided in Jaipuria school of business are worth having and teaches more than a book.

Well versed Faculties are the perfect provider of knowledge on the basis of their experiences & knowledge.

Today, I may be a person who handells a big role in organization but it was not at all possible without the things I learned and witnessed in the collage.

Kush, XII 2009-10

SETH ANANDRAM JAIPURIA SCHOOL is one such place where i have learned to live. No matter what problems life may bring to us SARJ thought us not just one but various ways to tackle it. No matter where ever I will be in life two or ten years from now there wont be a day when i wont remember the days spend in SETH ANANDRAM JAIPURIA SCHOOL. The best part of school being the omnipresence of the teachers and friends to help and guide us through various walks of life. I am and will always be proud and great-full to god for being a part such an institution.

Yamini, XII 2009-10

For the place where I believed in myself…its an honour for me to be a part of SETH ANANDRAM JAIPURIA SCHOOL as this is the place where I have grown as a person, where I have learnt a lot more than what’s written in the books, where I have found my strengths and worked on my weaknesses. Thanks to the wonderful teachers!

Ankur, XII 2009-10

School has not only been the place where I learn science, language or maths and all, but a place where I grew up as a good human, I made new friends and made some unforgotable moments, its a place I will always cherish my second home. School was awesome…

Shakti Shukla, XII 2009-10

My Schooling at Seth Anandram Jaipuria School is the best thing that has happened to me. Today, whatever I am or whatever I’ll be in the future will be just because of my stupendous school. I owe my school a lot. Just wish that sometime in my future, I’ll get to repay whatever my wonderful school has given to me. It has made me who “I AM” Day by Day and hour by hour, I must confess, my teachers have worked very hard to make me a better person. and as the adage goes,

“A lot can happen in million years but what a difference a day makes!!”, in the same manner, my school has carved me to believe and become one of the best people in this world. Hats off to my teachers and my school.

Anushk Kapoor, XII 2011-12

The word school at first reminds of friends, tricks, jokes, games, early morning assembly, studies and exams. The next thought is of those teachers who taught us to be what we are today. I was fortunate to have a faculty at Jaipuria that always guided me and motivated me to perform at my level best. Memories of school life are permanent in my heart and will always have a significant impact on my life. Schooling is a foundation to self sustaining and financially independent life. I feel Jaipuria has been the critical link for being what I am today.

Gauri Mishra, XII 2011-12

Looking back on my school life, I can say that there is not a single minute of my school life that I would like to change. And now, I am on the brink of a new dawn, a new beginning of sorts, a new life. The Principal and all my teachers provided us with a secured and cocooned existence during these seven years preparing us to face the outside world like a mother nurturing a baby in her womb. Now, suddenly we are going to face the harsh realities of the world outside the school. It is going to be new birth for all of us full of apprehensions and also full of promises for a new life.

Upasana Shishodia, XII 2011-12

The seven years that I have spent in the school were full of joys, excitement, achievements and I had my fair share of disappointments and mistakes. But I cherish each and every moment of it. And I have also accepted and learnt from my shortcomings and mistakes during the journey. It was truly rewarding to be a part of closely knit community of fellow students and teachers who will forever continue to positively influence our lives in their own way. It was only this influence that I was able to score 100 in Physical Education.

Heartiest thanks to all my teachers.

Sugandha Rohtagi, XII 2011-12

SAJS was never a place just to study for me. It was, more than anything, a place to grow as human, make friends, find my true inner talent and have the most wonderful years of my life. With such excellent teachers who are more like family, I am what I am today. Jaipuria gave me a platform to showcase myself in spheres other than academic. All I can say is no other place could have given me what Jaipuria and its faculty gave and so, life may drag me to college but my spirit still lives in Seth Anandram Jaipuria School.

Armaan Marwaha, XII 2011-12

I joined this school in class XI. I remember being looked up with great interest as I was a newcomer. Everybody around me in school was very supportive and understanding. Jaipuria was a place which not only paid a lot of emphasis on studies, but also on inculcating values. I remember the pledges that we took, all to be a better person. It is this perspective that I have carried with me after school as well. I thank my Principal mam’ Headmistress mam and all my teachers from the core of my heart for what I am today.

Aman Srivastava, XII 2011-12

As a student I have spent major part of my life in Jaipuria. These years are defined largely by my many triumphs and travails, moments of supreme conquests and some serious self doubt, the quintessential male camaraderie and the great fall outs driven only by idiocies, and a whole lot of sports and other activities. Holding the prestigious post of a Head Boy for the session 2011-12, I have had nuggets of experience that have reinforced my choice to lead a wholesome life that creates social value and benefits a larger community. My 7 years spent at Jaipuria was overall an enriching experience.

Bhavya Swaroop XII -2012-13 Batch

I have spent the most memorable and wonderful years of my life in jaipuria school. Besides first class education, I gained strength and confidence here. Friendly environment, good infrastructure and management, the school tries to provide the best for the students. All the memories, good or bad, will always be cherished lifelong. Will miss those teachers who were always there for me….to guide me n protect me…

Siddhant Khanna XII 2012-13 Batch

The abode of learning and knowledge my school seth anandram jaipuria excels not only in academics but also in extra-curricular activities as well. Providing a healthy, responsible and promising environment the teachers here ensure that each child develops not only into responsible citizens of the future india but also into the masters of their respective spheres. Equiped with modern day facilities like up-to-date science labs, computer labs, digitalized libraries etc, my school stands apart from the rest in honing the skills of the students. Air conditioned environment, green surroundings and continous electricity supply makes winning a habit for all the students.

Mohit Chugh XII 2012-13

9 years before… I dragged my body but my soul refused to go to school.

9 years later… I am dragging my soul but my heart refuses to leave the the school!! That happens only in jaipuria.. “My” jaipuria!!

Thankyou for everything.

Hope u good maam! Take care :)

Prakhar XII 2012-13

School has always been a place for students to learn and enjoy. Although all the schools are more and less the same, but somehow I feel something different for my school. Now it might sound somewhat weird but I have been to more than 5 schools all thanks to my dad’s transfer from one place to another, but something made this school different from others.

Now of course we had all the intervals and classes of more and less the same duration like other schools, but what made it different from others was the feeling of self belonging. In no time these unknown buildings became like a home and the teachers and friends like a family for me. It was just not the quality of teaching by the teachers but also the love and affection shown by them which made me very well bonded with them. At every stage of my school life whenever I had to face some tough situations my teachers were always there for me, and whenever I needed help, my friends always helped me. Although I had come to this school in 11th class and it seemed quite a long journey till our 12th boards but honestly, I never realised when we made it to our boards and when we were receiving our farewell. Now here I am sitting preparing for the next 4 years of my life and this school is just reminiscence to those 2 years of my wonderful life. Trust me, going to school is the best thing that can ever happen to your life and it doesn’t matter how boring it gets, school has its own charm which one cannot experience throughout the life and when the things are about my school, one cannot remove even the slightest of memories which I will carry along forever.

Divya XII 2012-13

Seth Ananadram Jaipuria School which was my second home is a wonderful place to learn, to identify the potential within ourselves, to achieve.

The teacher’s enthusiasm brings magnanimous vibrancy in the school life. My respective teachers worked so hard on me and helped me in identifying my potential.

Jaipuria is worth remembering as it also helps us to deal with human aspects, makes us a better person in life with great personality, taught us to face competition and excel .I am glad that I was a part of Seth Anandram Jaipuria School. Leaving school brings a nostalgic feeling in me but i am happy that many more students like me will join jaipuria and achieve success.